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Wedding Invitations: The Sweet Paper

Many Wedding invitations are horizontal types primarily with shallow white or shallow pink. In addition, much of them are handwritten. Many invitations may adopt complex fancy handwritten. There are many kinds of printing, such as embossing, letterpress printing, thermography, and so on. At present, the Prince William’s wedding becomes the focus in the world. About this wedding’s invitations also become very hot.

Based on the traditional customs, many couples will also attach the list what new gift they needed for relatives and friends to choose when sending the wedding invitations. In addition, a simple set of invitation include wedding invitation, response cards, outer envelop and response envelop. It can let guests use mails inform whether they will attend the wedding ceremony and party. Usually, on the invitations will indicate the guests please send back the response two weeks before the wedding. By the way, the couple also include an envelop with stamps on which are written their address. To those new couples, they can arrange the numbers of dinner and seats conveniently.

Sometimes, couples will provide the distinguished guests some other detailed close guidelines, such as the accommodation information and airplane timetable. They even will add some major tourist attractions on the wedding invitations. A lot of invitations were sent very early, and usually sent in a year ago. This can make the guests have a long time to plan their reception trip for attending the ceremony and party.

Your lips speak soft sweetness,

Your touch a cool caress

I am lost in your magic, my heart beats within your chest.

I think of you each morning, and dream of you each night.

I think of your arms being around me,

and cannot express my delight. Never have I fallen,

but I am quickly on my way.

You hold a heart in your hands that has never before been given away.

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The Invitations and Desserts in Winter Wedding

It is cold in winter, ice and snow; many young people for winter married are daunting. Actually, no matter be the traditional New Year’s wedding, or the popular Christmas wedding, are all the best choice of winter wedding for young people.

Wedding invitations

The first program

You could crop the white paper to the fashionable narrow shape, and write with bright pure blue ink. This would be a shiny winter wedding.

The second program

You can also choose the color of ruby fluorescent pen to increase the interest. Suggest you to print the silver flakes pattern on the wedding invitations. Finally, don’t forget to put into the kraft paper envelopes with the same color of pearl.

The third program

Put the speech with bright red ink on white silk and put in carefully in the box with full of paper snowflake. This can create a romantic atmosphere.

The fourth program

Put the branches of Christmas tree planted on the wedding invitations, and to fasten a little dark red bow on. Thus, even the ordinary invitations; also have the feeling of double festival.


The first program

Decorated the sugar made of snow on the white cake, and then put the sparkling ice-sugar on it. This will create the atmosphere of winter wedding.

The second program

You can also choose chocolate covering the whole cake; this schwarzwaelder kirschtorte will count for a lot with your wedding.

The third program

You can also use colorful fruits to deck your wedding cake, just like cherries, strawberries and so on. This cake looks not only dynamic, but also coveted.

The fourth program

If it is chocolate cake, you could put a circle around lovely cream balls. This will create romantic just like the snow. If available, you can add the ornament with red berries. Imagine, like even simple wedding cake sang Christmas song.

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How to Choose a Wedding Invitation

We may don’t know from what time to start having wedding invitations. However, now the wedding invitations have become a fashion, beautiful and diverse. On the invitations choice can tell a person’s personality and the wedding theme. The necessity lies in invitation are set the tone and atmosphere for your wedding. People collect the invitations are due to remember the time, date and location of the wedding. Even someone give them as a souvenir collected. Many people want to own an invitation just for themselves. When the passion fades slowly, an ordinary life is the truest. The refined and beautiful wedding invitations not only can create romantic and festive atmosphere, but also convenient to store. In order to your lover leave a perfect and happy memory, when you are all old, occasionally open the wedding invitation, as if still can see the friends blessing and the sweet moments.

1.      Wedding invitation necessity lies in it set the tone and atmosphere for your wedding, and play the role of memo. As for some busy people, it is not enough only buy telephone remind.

2.      You should pay attention to the wedding invitations color, it should not only be matched the theme of the wedding, but also should be matched with the other wedding accessories.

3.      Wedding invitations should not be too exaggeration. The choice of invitations is not only embodies the wedding style, but also reflect your temperament. You can also try to make the invitation embody the modern wedding style. Some invitations with lace or ribbon may cost more; you should do a cost plan before marriage.

4.      If your wedding is held in a full flower garden, you can start work with some flowers tack on paper.

5.      Finally you also should be attention on the choice of the wedding invitations paper. The white lubricious paper is very popular now, especially with the grid and filaments. It is also a good choice to print up the couple’s photos on the invitation. Generally speaking, the linen paper is cheaper.

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The Tips of Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitation is to be the invitations by married couple have printed. This on the invitation usually sports wedding date and ceremonies or the dinner date. On the invitation often printed on the both parents’ names. Wedding invitations of mailing time is usually six weeks before the wedding ceremony.

Western wedding invitations for horizontal version, color with shallow white light pink areas. Wedding invitations fewer is big red. The diction is much as handwritten in the wedding invitation. Many wedding invitations adopted complex fancy handwritten font, in printing style anaglyph embossing, letterpress printing, hot float protruding, carved empty font, etc.

When you are ready to carefully select the wedding invitation, many prospective couples choose to give up old form and to choose distinctive new styles. These new invitations to impressive emphasize innovation, new and individuation.

In the past, people often buy the wedding invitations to stationery shops. But there invitations not only style only, but also design repeat rate is very high. However, the wedding invitations are a new appointee announced the main channel news, and also the important segment of the wedding process. You cannot careless.

Wedding invitations usually are simple and clear. Also note that is, you should also let your parents happy to the marriage. So suggest you might as well also ask for the both sides of husband and wife’s parents’ opinions.

Now the modern society young men always pursue personality, to them, leadership trends and unique charms are very important to pursue. Q version or animated, maybe your favorite. No matter how, happy you to marry, the simple lines, a joke, also cannot hide your happiness. Let everyone know, let everyone to see.

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Have Determine Before Decide to Buy Wedding Invitations

Every wedding invitation has its different shape, size and style. If you want to have beautiful wedding invitations, there are many considerations and things to prepare. You can even have your invitations product in every color under the sun. Each one of us can develop a particular and exquisite wedding invitation. The steps below will help you make the perfect invitations.
Wedding invitation card template psd
Step 1 – Looking to superior product to buy from manufacturer. There are many businessmen for us to choose from today. You need to do some work to find the best available to do.
Step 2 –Many companies have hundreds of models for you to choose. Once you select your favorites, more than your beautiful wedding invitations, but there are some very special.
Step 3 – At this point, you should put the style and theme that you like on your invitations. You can specify any number of topics ranging from seasonal themed designs with the essential issues.
Step 4 – Do not forget to choose your unique handwriting and beautiful design. If the sources you find to be beautiful, and the selection of sources, that the subject can match your wedding invitations  undoubtedly.
beautiful invitations for wedding
I hope the information we provide could help you to get perfect wedding invitations. It is the right thing in mind for your party, and you’re worth a lifetime to recall that instantaneously.

Modern Card Idea To Add Polka Dot

Many people like Polka Dots, cause they give us a feeling that both simple but modern. And today, this element has also been used in modern wedding invitation collection. Let’s see the amazing styles with dot designs.

Posh Black Dots Wrap Invite

Posh Dots Black on White Paper, and add creative wraps, bright ans modern combined perfectly in classic black and white.

Green Polka Scene Wedding Card

This fun invitation features a green polka dot pattern on a white background.

Yellow and Orange Dot Wedding Invite

Brightly colored dots combined with an edgy script font make this modern wedding invite truly unique! Shown in tangerine orange and golden yellow.

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Find Beautiful Butterfly Wedding Invitations For Your Wedding

As I can see in the net, butterfly wedding invitations are a popular choice for beautiful wedding invitation cards. I collect some ones that I like.

Fairy Butterfly Wedding Invitation

This is made up of a velvet feel wedding card with a fairy. The card is available in white or Ivory. The printing inside can be your own colours and choice of color. You can have this most beautiful simple handmade wedding invitation if you like.

Purple Butterfly Design Wedding Invite
Beautiful contemporary invitations with butterfly design. Stunning wire and net butterflies decorated with crystal gems. Supplied with high quality white box envelope. The invitation has a paper insert on which the invitation is printed. Standard wording on front of card is the couple’s first names and wedding date.

Black Wire And Mesh Butterfly Wedding Card
An absolutely stunning design featuring a wire and mesh butterfly with black gems. The beautiful card is embossed with a broderie design which exudes luxury and style.

Butterfly Dance Wedding Card
The light airy feel of this translucent stock invitation is the perfect setting for its gentle swirls and dancing butterflies.

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Classic Wedding Invites To Match Your Traditional Weddings

To Continue the  last traditional styles, this collection of classic wedding invitations will let you feel pure and simple air.

Flowing Swirls Wedding Invitation Card
Elegant swirls are graceful on paper. Elegant ecru invitation has decorative swirls. Specify names to be printed at the top if wanted.

Pure White Wonder Invitation
Simple, classy elegance gives your message center stage! This bright white elegant invitation has panel border and embossed design in left box.

Classical Enchantment Layered Wedding Invite
The layered invitation features a shimmering bottom layer designed with white orchids and a white top layer printed with your wording.

Here list some typical ones in tradition, and you can still find other themed wedding invitations.

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Traditional But Classic Wedding Invitations that You Can Consider

Nowadays, so many couples return back to design traditional wedding invitations when plan their weddings. It’s obvious that so many of them want their wedding classic,for instance, have wedding in church. Okay, now go to my classic wedding invites collection with me.
They are what I in favor of, I mean,really amazing simple but timeless.

Painted wispy blossoms Simple Wedding Card
This elegant stem of wispy blossoms captures all of the beauty and serenity of a watercolor painting. Light touches of color and soft strokes of paint set this invitation apart, giving guests the impression of delicate, handcrafted artistry.

Lustrous Shimmer Classic Wedding Invite
This finely coordinated ensemble includes a dark grey pocket and white shimmer insert. The pocket opens like a book with a decorative floral patterned window on the front. This window allows for the insert to be seen from the front.

Evergreen Branch Timeless Invitation Card
A single olive branch extends onto this simple wedding invitation from Jill Smith Design, giving you the perfect way to reach out to your friends and loved ones during this special time in your life.

Embraced in Satin Wedding Invite
Embossed florals make an elegant statement.. This elegant cream colored invitation features an embossed floral design on the front flap. The front flap is shortened to reveal wording printed at the top and bottom of the invitation. A satin ribbon further accents this lovely ensemble.

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